About Us

The Community Energy Co-op (CEC) of New Brunswick is a community-based co-operative with the mission to invest and participate in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in New Brunswick. The CEC operates by cooperative principles, including the principle of one-member, one-vote for decisions at member’s meetings.

Building the Business


In 2010 the CEC began the implementation of its business strategy, which aims to be financially viable long-term, maximize local employment, and reflect the cooperative social and environmental ethics of our mission. We need committed, visionary members in the co-op to help make this happen.  Contact us to find out more.

Business Plan Overview:

The CEC is currently focused on small scale RE installations along with feasibility plans and consulting. The CEC will also endeavour to raise funds to move ahead on a community-scale renewable energy project under the new New Brunswick Community Energy Policy. In the medium term, the CEC will look to small scale wind turbine manufacturing as a value- added employment generation option in the RE field.

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