Our Office: The Knowlesville

Art and Nature Centre


The Knowlesville Artand Nature Centre (KAN Centre) has been rejuventated from a closed Free will Baptist Church to a thriving community centre.
In 2008 the 117 year old building was moved from it’s first home on the Knowlesville Road in Armond to Simms road in South Knowlesville.

Over the course of the next 3 years, the building under-went a series of renovations.  The KAN centre was fitted with 2 different banks of solar PV panels, and a wood fired in-floor radiant heating system.  The inside was re-walled and painted, and plans were made for an extension.


This extension was added to provide a space for a library and community kitchen on the first floor, as well as an office space and small apartment on the second floor.

The Community Energy Coop was involved in expanding the Solar PV system, and shares the office space with KAN centre administration and staff.

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