The Community Energy Cooperative

Board of Directors

Wayne Groszko (president)

Tegan, Micheal & Rosabell
Tegan Wong-Daugherty (Secretary)

Tegan Wong-Daugherty is one of the founding members of the Community Energy Co-op and is committed to seeing renewable energy become more accessible and affordable in the Maritimes.  Her family has lived off-grid for twelve years in rural New Brunswick using solar voltaic, solar thermal and small wind generation.   She runs a small organic food delivery service called Buckwheat Flats Natural Foods and is an active member of the Knowlesville community.


Greg Leblanc (Treasurer)

Greg has been engaged with the CEC for over two years, volunteering time before being elected to the board in April 2010. He also represented the CEC on the Cooperative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick Board for two years. Greg has many years of experience with sustainability and renewable energy, working for government, private and non-profit organizations, including the Falls Brook Centre.

You can call me Al

Alison Shurvell

Alison Shurvell joined the CEC in 2009, the same year construction began on her off-grid, straw bale house in Knowlesville. The house is powered by solar photovoltaic panels, and has recently acquired a solar hot water system. Having worked in sustainability education in New Brunswick since 2006, she sees the CEC as a great solution to the question of how we should go about reducing our ecological footprint.


Wayne Groszko


Dana Kittilsen

Dana came to Knowlesville is 2008 as an Appropriate Technology/Analog Forestry Intern at the Falls Brook Centre, and stayed on as staff.  In 2010 he assisted in the construction of the Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre extension which is now the CEC’s office. Dana is continuing his path of promoting and installing renewable energy systems through his work as a technical assistant with the CEC.

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