About Us

The Community Energy Co-op (CEC) of New Brunswick is a community-based co-operative with the mission to invest and participate in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in New Brunswick.  The CEC operates by cooperative principles, including the principle of one-member, one-vote for decisions at member’s meetings.  The CEC  aims to be financially viable long-term, maximize local employment, and reflect the cooperative social and environmental ethics of our mission.

Our Offerings:

The CEC offers high-quality, affordable Renewable Energy consultation that includes design of renewable energy systems, sourcing equipment and installation services. We are happy to work with individuals, families, businesses and organizations who need a range of services.  Our mission is to help facilitate the transition towards a renewable, low-carbon emitting future.  We feel that good design, energy efficiency and renewable energy can work together to make projects cost-effective and user-friendly.

Our Expertise:

Wayne Groszko is our lead renewable energy consultant and has over 15 years experience in the field of Renewable Energy.  This includes design and installation of Photovoltaic Solar Systems, Solar Thermal applications and a suite of related applications for residential, community and commercial buildings.

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