Community Wind

A fundamental goal of the CEC is to implement renewable energy projects that are owned, directed and supported by our local community.

In 2001 Falls Brook Centre and the New Brunswick Power Commission (NBPC) began to work together on a study of the wind characteristics in Knowlesville, New Brunswick.  After the completion of this study determined that there may be a rationale for community wind generation, the Community Energy Co-op was formed (2004).

In 2010, the New Brunswick government announced a Community Energy Policy intended to encourage community-based organizations to develop, own and operate renewable electricity generating stations.  The CEC is investigating the market opportunity presented and is poised to develop a detailed plan for a wind farm comprised of 7 to 10 large wind turbines in Carleton County. A wind farm project of the scale envisioned in this plan, developed on a community-ownership foundation, will require a high degree of community interest and support.  We are currently looking for interested businesses, municipalities, other co-ops and individuals who would like to develop a partnership to make community wind a reality in Carleton County, NB.

Interested in joining our efforts?  Send an email to for details.